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School Choice

Louisiana Public School Choice ACT 853


Our schools are committed to providing a high-quality educational program for all children.  The St. Landry Parish School System is working hard to provide programs to help all students succeed in our school district.  In accordance with Louisiana’s Public School Choice Policy, we are required to inform parents whenever one of our schools is labeled as a D or an F.   As a result, parents have the choice to transfer their child to a higher performing school in the district.  This decision is entirely up to parents and what they think is best for their children. 


Currently, only parents of new enrollees to our district have the option to transfer their child(ren) to a higher performing school for the current school year.  Upon registering at a D or F school, parents of new students will be given the School Choice letter and application.  The application must be submitted to the School Choice Supervisor no later than three days after registration.   If the transfer is approved, parents will have to provide transportation for their children to the receiving school. Transportation will not be provided by the district.   


Official notification will be mailed to parents as well as to the sending and receiving schools.  Upon notification from the district, students must register to attend the receiving school within five days of approval, and students are to remain at the receiving school for the remainder of the 2017 – 2018 school year.


If you have further questions about our School Choice Program, please contact Trina A. Preston, Supervisor of Instruction, School Choice, and School Improvement at 337-948-3657 ext. 10709.